Martin Fell #17 Backstage Chat

Hello everyone,

I’m back, sorry for the 2 week delay on new episodes. normal service should resume. Thank you for being patient.

This episode is with Martin Fell, a Jazz musician in Scotland. He is a phenomenal player with years of experience and tonnes of raw talent.

He is also one of the owners of the Tchai Ovna tea shop, one of Glasgow’s jewels.

Martin’s Links

Intro song Bacchus Baracus

Not a good month for old Dexter


So, yeah.

I’ve gone and hurt myself again. This time it is my Lumbar nerves. April can bite the proverbial fat one.

As soon as I can sit in front of my main computer I will edit and post the next episode. It’s an interesting one with some Jazz. I’m trying to represent as many musical genre’s as I can and speak to as many people involved with this wonderful industry we all love.

Bare with me, I’m having a bit of a rough time of it recently. In the immortal words of the Terminator “I’ll be back”.


Dex x

Taking a break


Hi Folks

Unfortunately there will be no new podcast this week.

I suffered a Concussion, my head met the business end of a Forklift. I’m ok though, just need to rest and get over it.

I appreciate everyone of you who listens to the podcast. What you can do for me though, is share the podcast with your friends and colleagues and get them to subscribe. If you listen on itunes please leave a review and rate it.


Much love,

Dex x

Christopher Fallen #16 Backstage Chat

Christopher is a writer and director, currently working with community projects and teaching some of the next generation of talent to come out of  Scotland. We cover some interesting topics and of course we do a whole bunch of rambling.

Christopher’s Links

Intro Track Bacchus Baracus

Skylines in Motion #15 Backstage chat

Skylines in Motion are a Pop Punk band from Sweden. I got to chat with Marcel and Harry from the band.

We talk about their music and Harry’s Scandal with the Swedish royal family.

Skylines in Motion’s Links

Intro song Bacchus Baracus