Rolaz & Quest Season 2 #20 Backstage Chat

Rolaz & Quest are the Founding members of “Team Rukus UK”, an urban music label based in the UK. Quest you will remember from Episode #7 , this time he is joined by Rolaz. We have allot of fun chatting and listening to their Exclusive new tracks. Enjoy

Intro track Bacchus Baracus

Team Rukus Links

Season 2 coming in august.

So, as it happens the podcast will be brought out in seasons (autumn, winter, spring), as Summer is a busy work period for everyone involved within this crazy industry. Stay tuned Folk’s. Season 2 will start in August…..YAAASSS!!!!

Everyone is busy (including myself).


It is that time of year, where my chosen demographic of interviewee and myself have hit the mega busy work period. I am trying to get some people onto the podcast at the same time as working on gigs. Please bare with me, The Gig season has started.

Gregor Barclay #19 Backstage Chat

Gregor is a musician, writer and director living in Scotland. We chat about his music as well  as getting back to old projects.  We touch base on some of the issues that plague creative people along with the drive of will.

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Intro song Bacchus Baracus 

Colin Bell #18 Backstage Chat

Colin is a Production manager for both Theatre and Film. We have worked together various times on some interesting shows over the years. It was good to chat with him and find out about the exciting projects he is working on.

There is a funny story behind the Picture, listen and find out.

Colin’s Links

intro song Bacchus Baracus